Passing Requirements

All tests in the NMTA program are reported on a scale ranging from 100 to 300. Your results for each test are reported as a score in that range, based on your performance on all sections of the test. For those tests that contain constructed-response assignments, your score for the selected-response questions and your score(s) on the constructed-response assignment(s) are combined to obtain your total score.

New Mexico custom tests. A scaled total test score of 240 represents the scaled minimum passing score for the test. An examinee with a scaled total test score of 240 or above passes the test. An examinee with a scaled total test score below 240 does not pass the test. The minimum passing score for each test is established by the PED based on the professional judgments and recommendations of New Mexico educators.

NESĀ® tests. The New Mexico Public Education Department has adopted the National Benchmark passing score of 220 for these tests.

Note: The scaled score that represents the passing score (either 240 or 220, as described above) is not indicative of the difficulty level of any specific test. If the passing score for a test is represented by a scaled score of 220, that does not indicate that the test is easier or less rigorous than tests for which the passing score is represented by a scaled score of 240. The passing scores have been determined separately for each test based on recommendations of committees of educators and are designed to reflect the level of knowledge and skills required to teach in New Mexico public schools. All passing scores have been reviewed and approved by the New Mexico Public Education Department.