New Mexico Teacher Assessments Study Guides

This page provides links to New Mexico Teacher Assessments test preparation materials as follows:

Test Preparation Worksheets

The New Mexico Teacher Assessments program offers the following worksheets to assist candidates in evaluating their preparedness to test:

Study Guides

The study guide for each test contains the test frameworks, sample selected-response questions, sample constructed-response assignments for the fields that include these items, sample responses, and suggestions for preparing for the test. If you want to print out a complete study guide for a given field, including general information about the testing program and field-specific information, please first print out the "Overview of the Testing Program" document and then print out the relevant document under the "Field-Specific Information" heading.


The first section is the same for all tests and contains general information about the New Mexico Teacher Assessments and test preparation guidelines:

An Overview of the Testing Program

Field-Specific Information

The second section is test specific and contains test frameworks and sample questions:

Teacher Competency Assessments

Content Knowledge Assessments